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Gaijin Ramen Shop Recommended for Tourists

Epoch Times (April 2018)



8 Ramen Spots for the Perfect Nood Photo

Washingtonian (January 2018)


Foreigners Interpretation of Ramen

WERA 96.7 - The Melting Pot (December 2017)


"... people do think all ramen is the same in a way, and I want to say that it's not.  Literally every ramen shop in this area has a different take on ramen and that is to be respected and unique in and of itself.  There are so many different types and styles of ramen, just walking through Tokyo there is a ramen shop on every corner, sometimes a few, and they are all different styles...  ”

Gaijin Ramen Shop Could Become an Arlington Mainstay

Falls Church News-Press (August 2016)


"This brings us to another, probably the most important, reason why Gaijin stands out among all of the ramen shops in the Washington, D.C. region: The restaurant has three vegan ramen options. Most of the ramen shops that have vegan ramen only have one option, which is great, but also limiting."


Where to Eat Ramen in D.C.

DC Eater (August 2016)


"Listed as a best place to eat ramen in DC/Northern Virginia. "Arlington got a new option for ramen with Gaijin, which serves such ramen flavors as curry veggie and spicy miso."

Ashley’s Taste of Arlington Lunch Crawl!

Mix 107.3 (May 2016)


"Gaijin (Japanese for Foreigner) is a unique Asian fusion ramen shop that is family owned and operated by Nicole Mazkour and Tuvan Pham. You may have heard of Gaijin previously, they were featured on Bravo (HERE) for their signature twist on Tater Takoyaki! What is their Tater Takoyaki, you ask? It’s amazingness in a bowl! Fried tater tots, with shredded pork, spicy mayo, sweet soy sauce and green onions; I could seriously eat this everyday and be the happiest lady in the whole wide world..."

Remember Tater Tots? Check Out These Chefs' Awesome Tributes

BravoTV (January 2016)


"Leave it to two gaijin (foreigners) to give the all-American tater a Japanese twist.Gaijin Ramen Shop co-owners Nicole Mazkour and Tuvan Pham follow tradition when making their own noodles and broths, but take liberties with the takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food..."

Slurp It: Top 10 Ramen Restaurants in DC

Angelica In The City (May 2016)


"This is a cozy little restaurant and very child friendly. Gaijin Ramen Shop’s commitment to preparing from scratch Kyoto-style ramen without the use of MSG may inspire you to add more seasonings and spices to the mild flavor broths."

Family-Friendly Ramen Shop Opens in Cherrydale

ARLNow (July 2015)


"The two set out to bring an authentic, friendly ramen experience to Arlington. They traveled to Japan to learn how to make ramen and South Korea to learn the art of making kimchi.

“If you could describe us in one word, it’s passion,” Mazkour said. “That’s all it takes.”"

The ultimate guide to the best ramen in the D.C. area

The Washington Post (February 2015)


"... you can thank the tiny restaurant’s commitment to slinging from-scratch Kyoto-style ramen without the umami hit of MSG... Wavy, egg-free noodles, which the restaurant makes in-house, snake throughout the brownish stock. Those accustomed to Sapporo-style ramen’s richness or Hakata-style ramen’s porkiness may be surprised by the bowl’s subtlety, but as Mazkour wisely points out, one Japanese definition of gaijin, which also means “foreigner,” is actually “different.”"

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